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Established in 2009, Hand Drawn Creative is an illustration and graphic design studio based in Bangor, Northern Ireland. Founder, designer and illustrator Neal McCullough has worked in the creative industries since the 1990s, creating bold colourful, vivid and memorable illustration, graphic design and corporate identity. Hand Drawn Creative has created strong, distinctive creative campaigns, working with some of the World’s most recognisable institutions. Still passionate about our role in the creative industries after fifteen years in business, Hand Drawn Creative looks forward to creating evermore astounding artwork for all our clients in the UK, USA, Europe and beyond.
We'd love you to join us on our creative journey – it continues to be quite the adventure!


Neal initially set up Hand Drawn Creative with a vision to establish a friendly, approachable creative design studio that should help demystify the design and illustration process and dispel the caricature of the frosty, pretentious graphic designer (no black polonecks in this office!) Using colour, humour and an unabashed love of mid-century design and illustration as his starting point, Neal was soon connecting with clients all over the world with his mod, atomic, retro Americana style!


Neal’s Wife Julie has always been an integral part of the Hand Drawn Creative story. Acting as a Model and Artist's Muse, Julie has always helped and encouraged studio business when time allowed. In 2021, Julie officially came onboard as Studio Manager, bringing a wealth of organisational, budget and management skills to our company after working extensively in the UK Health Sector and Industry. Julie organises studio workflow and deals with finances and client onboarding.

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Those Fisher Price illustrations you made Rule – Wow Man!
Aaron Draplin

Oh boy! I am so pleased! Top, top job! Thank you so much! I’ll stop before I use up my daily quota of exclamation marks.

Kim Close
I look forward to receiving Neal’s designs like I look forward to Christmas morning!!!
Hillary Carlip
You’ve got the Skills!
Stanley Chow