So what exactly IS a Dust-up Day?


You'll have seen this dotted around our website… Invest in a Dust-up Day! So what's up with the "Dust-up"? Well, this is a new express service Hand Drawn Creative is trialling for clients with smaller budgets that could really use some help giving their existing corporate identity a serious spit and polish. Sure, you'd love to go all in and revise your whole brand identity, but it's just not possible right now. A Dust-up Day could freshen up your business until you feel it's time to really invest in your company's identity.

That's were we come in.

Given Neal's wealth of real-world experience in graphic design and advertising, he's remarkably adept at redrawing and sprucing up any existing logo and bringing it up to speed and making everything presentable for your current audience. What's more, Neal can produce a gleaming, professional refreshed logo in multiple ready-to-use formats, ready for your website, social media and more – usually within a 24 hour turnaround!

So fill in the contact form and tell us everything. We're here to help!

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Those Fisher Price illustrations you made Rule – Wow Man!
Aaron Draplin

Oh boy! I am so pleased! Top, top job! Thank you so much! I’ll stop before I use up my daily quota of exclamation marks.

Kim Close
I look forward to receiving Neal’s designs like I look forward to Christmas morning!!!
Hillary Carlip
You’ve got the Skills!
Stanley Chow