Fifteen Years!


2023 has really been a year of big anniversaries at Hand Drawn Creative. September marked my ten years as cartoonist at the County Down Spectator and now October sees our our fifteen year work anniversary. Julie and I drew up plans to start Hand Drawn Creative in the darkest depths of 2008's global economic crash. I'd been made redundant from an advertising agency and there were NO other jobs out there. After scribbling down a few loose concepts for a logo and a mission statement and talking it over on a hike in the Mourne mountains we decided to take the plunge and start our own business. The next day, we realised we were expecting our first baby, so yeah – this really HAD to work. So there you go. Fifteen years in. Not too bad, eh?

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Those Fisher Price illustrations you made Rule – Wow Man!
Aaron Draplin

Oh boy! I am so pleased! Top, top job! Thank you so much! I’ll stop before I use up my daily quota of exclamation marks.

Kim Close
I look forward to receiving Neal’s designs like I look forward to Christmas morning!!!
Hillary Carlip
You’ve got the Skills!
Stanley Chow