WIllis Wonderland LIVE Auction!


Just a quick post to let everyone know that one of our favourite clients Willis Wonderland Foundation is hosting an online auction on the 21st Night of September 2023. The late, great Allee Willis was a hugely successful songwriter and also a huge collector of crazy, kitsch, retro memorabilia! Maybe you’d like to bid on the autographed Mr T talking key fob? Or why not invest in a beautiful portrait of Jesus meeting Elvis?

Hand Drawn Creative was honoured to work once again with Fly HC to create artwork for this year's event.

It's all happening this Thursday night and all proceeds go to support the advancement of songwriters and multimedia artists, especially women and those in underrepresented communities who will perpetuate the legacy and extraordinary creative vision of the beloved Hall of Fame songwriter and artist, Allee Willis.

Find out more on the Willis Wonderland Facebook page or click on this link to start bidding!

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Those Fisher Price illustrations you made Rule – Wow Man!
Aaron Draplin

Oh boy! I am so pleased! Top, top job! Thank you so much! I’ll stop before I use up my daily quota of exclamation marks.

Kim Close
I look forward to receiving Neal’s designs like I look forward to Christmas morning!!!
Hillary Carlip
You’ve got the Skills!
Stanley Chow